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Tanja Radman

author of the Lex Legis trilogy

Flip the book and keep reading!
​​'Hypnagogia' is a collection of short stories divided into two parts: speculative fiction and prose. By flipping the book along its short side, the reader reaches the other half, giving the impression that there are two different books. The collection contains 14 stories spread across 166 pages and is the author's first bound publication of short stories.

About the author:


I was born on February 13, 1991, in Kutina, and I completed elementary school in Popovača, where I lived until I enrolled in high school in Zagreb. After finishing the Hospitality and Tourism School, I dedicated myself to seasonal work.

I ended up in Dubrovnik in 2012, when the idea for my first novel was born thanks to my first visit to the old town! Inspired by my love for writing, which I have had since my early school days, I began working on the initial idea, which later became The Republic of Stone, published in 2015.

In June 2018, the sequel Republic of Mortals was published, while the third part, Republic of Darkness,

was released in March 2021. These books are part of a fantasy series with elements of actual Dubrovnik history called Lex Legis.

In December 2023, I published a collection of short stories titled Hypnagogia, divided into two parts both inside and out. It flips along the short side, giving the impression that it consists of two books. I live and work between Zagreb and Dubrovnik, primarily in the tourism sector.

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