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I was born on February 13, 1991, in Kutina. I completed elementary school in Popovača, where I lived with my parents and younger sister until I enrolled in high school in Zagreb, knowing only that I was good at English and loved writing. Choosing the more fruitful path, I opted for the Hospitality and Tourism School in Frankopanska Street and lived in the mixed Student Dormitory 'A. G. Matoš'. Rest assured, the accompanying sentence to the name of that institution will always be that I spent my best years there.

After finishing my compulsory education, I left my family home and embarked on the adventure of seasonal jobs. I ended up in Dubrovnik in 2012 at the age of 21. To this day, I remember that rainy April day when I first set foot on Stradun and, under the heavy rain, listened in awe to what the centuries-old stones had to say to me. I entered the old town to find a job, but that day I found something much greater. In one interview, I mentioned that I felt like the story, which would later become a series, was waiting for me at the foot of Onofrio's Fountain, shy and patient, determined to surrender to someone who would bring it to life properly. After just a few weeks in Dubrovnik, during quiet shifts waitressing at a restaurant, I began jotting down the first ideas for a story that would become an incredible blend of fantasy and Dubrovnik history, a vivid portrayal of my experience of the old town at our first encounter—believing that among those stone buildings, there was magic, visible only to the chosen ones.

That story, richly conceived and crystallized as the beginning of a fantasy series, was published in September 2015 by UG Hrast under the name 'Republic of Stone.' The following year, in April 2016, it saw its second, improved edition under the guidance of the Orlando Youth Association, and in April 2017, along with the original Croatian book trailer, it was presented to the world in its English translation, 'Republic of Stone.' In June 2018, the sequel 'Republic of Mortals' was self-published, and the third part, 'Republic of Darkness,' in March 2021. The series is set in the seventeenth century of the great Dubrovnik Republic in a completely different guise, with fictional young characters and real historical figures from Dubrovnik's history, such as Marin Getaldić and Marojica Kaboga, both portrayed as wizards in my writing.

For more about the series, please visit the sections on the books themselves.

I live and work in Dubrovnik as a tour guide with my partner, with whom I produce and sell medieval replicas in the Artifex shop. My life wishes include the screen adaptation of my fantasy series, frequent travel, more writing, and a small flower shop at the foot of my house. How and in what order to achieve this, I will keep you updated. :)

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