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Republic of Stone
(Lex Legis #1)

"An ancient spell cast by several wizards only seemingly halted the suffering of many. Decades later, the tyranny of the Republic is at its peak. Its ruler, the monstrous Duke, prowls beyond its borders, seeking new lands to conquer. Due to an unexpected turn of events, the Duke's Delegation captures thousands of commoners. For some reason, a handful of young lives prove more valuable than others, and they are hurriedly taken to safety, far from the death-shrouded Republic. The youths face the seemingly impossible as they learn the real truth about the Great War, a truth they were never meant to hear. They also discover the greatest secret of all—magic. Suddenly, they become members of the secret order of the Lunarions; they are expected to lead the commoners and wizards into a new war. The ghosts of the past, which descended upon them with the knowledge of this unbearable truth, promised never to disappear, but the precious time they already lacked threatened to vanish completely under the weight of impending battles. They did what was demanded of them. The second war was inevitable, but this time it seemed much harder. Yet it could change everything, or worse... nothing at all."

'Republic of Stone' is the first part of the fantasy series 'Lex Legis.' It contains elements of real Dubrovnik history.

Read the introduction and first chapter for free (croatian edition):

Book no.1
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