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Republic of Darkness
(Lex Legis #3)

"The new war has arrived.

The Delegation mercilessly destroys city after city, fueled by hatred for everything that is not theirs and refuses to be. The Lunarion movement opposes them, composed of magical creatures and people who have dedicated their lives to this cause, often being destroyed in the process.

In this war, not only enemies but also family members are once again pitted against each other. The land is soaked with tears and blood as the entire magical and common world fights for a different tomorrow.

Incredible revelations shake the lives of the main characters as much as the ground beneath their feet, as they try to stop the Duke's followers from slaughter and him from conquering the gift of all gifts, Lex Legis, in the battle of all battles.

Beta, Lumen, Victor, Terra, and Felix reach the end of their journey, determined to create a better world with their actions... even if they will not be in it."

'Republic of Darkness' is the third and final part of this timeline in the fantasy series 'Lex Legis', and a direct sequel to 'Republic of Mortals.' It contains elements of real Dubrovnik history, such as locations and historical figures.

Read the introduction and first chapter for free (croatian edition):

Book no.1
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