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Updated: Jul 9

The slamming of a folder against the shiny desk reverberated through the almost empty room.
“Please sit down.”
The creaking of chairs filled the air among the few gathered. An elegantly dressed middle-aged woman smoothed her flawlessly ironed jacket and only then continued.

“First of all, I would like to thank you for appearing at the behest of our Institute on such short notice. On its behalf, as well as on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, I extend you a warm welcome. My name is Cassandra Franopoulos, and I am the President of the Institute of Archeological Sites. This is my assistant, Anna.”
A young woman with pronounced cheekbones and distinctly green eyes smiled as a token of welcome.
“On my left,” Cassandra continued, “sits Sir William Davies, a renowned British scholar and historian, who has cooperated with our most prominent archeologists for decades. On my right is Mr. Emmet Walker.”
The two men nodded to one another. Sir William Davies, in a dark green tweed suit, his face dappled with ancient stories, looked as if he were still waiting to hear the credentials of the young man next to him. Mr. Walker’s clothes were modern, but, should anyone have bothered to ask the historian at his side, he would have said it was an utterly inadequate choice for a meeting such as the one they were present at.
Cassandra Franopoulos opened her folder and began to shuffle through the documents stuffed tight inside.
“What I am about to share with you is the greatest discovery of our times and a monumental change of our professional, as well as private lives. I can say, with utmost certainty, that nothing will be the same again.”

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